Jan. 10th, 2011

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Day 25 - Someone who fascinates you and why.

i'm a bit behind due to family drama.

someone who fascinates me... hmmm... there really isn't a single person i dwell on like that. i mean, i can think of several people that catch my attention, but never all inclusively. crispin glover fascinates the hell out of me more than almost anyone well known. here's kind of a neat article just hitting the tip of the ice burg. his books are yet another reason he can continue to catch my attention.

and then there's this:

i guess what i'm trying to say is that i dig people that are completely off the wall weird and totally batshit insane.
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Day 26 - What kind of person attracts you.

i'm attracted to the socially awkward. i feel an obvious kinship with other people who would rather tear their eyes out than go to the mall or read cosmo or spend the day at the beach. i like people who can challenge me mentally and win. i like people that can prove me wrong. i like people who are passionate about what they believe in, even if its something i don't agree with (so long as its not being crammed down my throat). i like people who are secure with themselves, but not in that overtly prickish "i'm better than everyone ever" way. more like the "i could go out into the world with my underwear on outside my pants and make YOU feel like a dick for even caring." i like sincerity and loyalty. self-sufficiency - i don't want to have to hold anyone up anymore - is a major attention-getter. not being asked every 5 minutes "what's wrong?" or "are you mad at me?" or "what are you thinking about?" is a total plus. a sense of reality amidst mild conspiracy-theorist tendencies, i.e. knowing when some overly radical theory is bullshit, but knowing that things might not be what they seem. someone who doesn't try to make me feel stupid. someone who finds out my IQ and *doesn't* try to prove wrong anything i say on general principal to show that the "smart kid" is actually dumb. a number on a piece of paper i had to do 5 hours of testing for should not dictate who i am intellectually. someone willing to own up to their mistakes and take responsibility for the repercussions and not assign an external locus of control. someone not afraid to ask for what they want. someone who actually cares about their fellow human beings.

so basically, any of the people closest to me.
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i don't even have words right now for the past few days. my brother is a selfish fuckhole. my father was severely neglected while my brother played the martyr and doled out guilt like it was his job. when i finally went to check on my dad... lets just say, i got there at 1pm and got home just after 11pm. it was fucking ridiculous. i'll elaborate more when i'm not quite so hostile about it so i can properly reflect and figure out what the hell happened. suffice it to say, dad is doing better now, even walked a little (well, "walked." dad doesn't really walk anymore, but he can pull himself around while standing). its amazing what, i dunno, giving a sick man his meds and some water can do.

unacceptable. un-fucking-acceptable.
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i'm going to the VA doctor with dad today to make sense of some shit. i'm also going to advocate for him because i don't think the doctors really listen to him, i believe they think he exaggerates because if you haven't seen it yourself, it does seem pretty unprobable. we're going to find out what can be available to him in terms of money for the assisted living program because i can't be there 24/7, and even though my brother is, he doesn't do shit - yet texts me day and night making me cry and feel guilty for *not* being there taking care of everything. he just doesn't want to be bothered by it while he's busy leeching off of a dying man and not doing anything he said he would in terms of getting the orders out for the company. he just sits back in his room and smokes pot all day, or plays on the computer, or fucks his girlfriend. nevermind the fact that the man that has supported you your entire life is dying in a trailer unable to take care of himself. i'm still so fucking pissed i don't even have words to describe what i walked into yesterday, it was just unbelievable.

fucking piece of shit.
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so it appears that the tweakbaby shall be resurrecting at the chamber january 21st for my 30th birthday.

in laymen's terms, it appears i will be manning the DJ booth with lori (dj nemesis) next friday at the chamber for my 30th birthday. word.


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