Jan. 11th, 2011

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Day 27 - A problem that you have had.

what problem HAVEN'T i had?!

hmm... i think the most prevalent problem is that i want to help too much, and end up taking on all the responsibility - i have a problem saying no. case in point: the whole joey thing. i felt really bad for him when he lost his job he'd had for years, and i understood the ego blow it gave him so i just kept chugging along and keeping the household together. and kept doing it. and kept doing it. i'm sure there was a point where i said to myself "enough is enough! get another job already!" but i didn't want to start any fights, so i just kept going with it. it ended up being one of the major points in the end of us.

my brother is another person who takes advantage of this trait. that's how he ended up living with me when wyl and i split, because i just didn't say no even though my apartment was only 500 square feet. that's also how i ended up with my nephew this weekend while he did god knows what (supposedly working with his friend who does snow plowing).

justin, however, gets the opposite end of that, the poor guy. he's tried to beat into my head over and over again throughout the years that its okay to say no, and for some reason (i think because he's been so adamant about it) i can say no to him. i feel bad, because people that could really give two shits about me walk all over me, but the man who loves me enough to marry me gets stonewalled. i mean, i don't always say no, if he can make a good case for why i should say yes, i'll totally cave.

in employment, this was why i was always worn out. i'd just keep taking on more and more responsibility until i collapsed under it. i'm trying not to do that with school, but its hard to turn down good research opportunities, yanno?

so yeah, i have a hard time saying no.


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