Jan. 16th, 2011

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Day 29 - Goals for the next 30 days.

i've been pretty sick with a sinus infection *and* walking pneumonia, so this has sort of fallen by the wayside, plus with the dad drama and school starting... you get the idea.

so goals... lets see here. i think i'll do it in a numbered entry like vince.

1. get better
2. get dad to the urologist, neurologist and get his home care set up
3. continue eating no fast food
4. convince husband to stop binge eating food that's awful for him
5. not fall behind in my lab hours
6. develop some sort of regular exercise routine. not anything earth shattering, just something to strengthen my lungs, maybe tone up a little since my weight is still under control.
7. not fall behind in any classes due to stupid shit
8. get plans for my graduation party and all the crap i have to do for commencement underway
9. have my LSAT test day registered
10. begin putting shit together for law school applications
11. get new tires (that ball is completely in the husband's court though, and he's not so good at remembering anything that doesn't directly have anything to do with him. plus his money management is totally out of whack - he got two new guns this weekend while i still need new tires and can't pay any of my bills...)
12. keep up with the housework
13. keep up with dad's housework until home care is underway

so basically, have no life, lol.


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