Mar. 7th, 2011

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omg you guys, i have to share this. so i've been limping around all injured and shit, popping tylenol, aleve, ibuprofen, staying off my feet, wearing my braces. i've been going NUTS not being able to run. today i tried to do a slight jog in my nice, pseudo-expensive running shoes - no go. i retreated to the gazelle for my cardio (not nearly as rewarding. WHERE'S MY RUNNER'S HIGH?!?). the half-mile jog i did severely irritated my knees, so i decided to try this remedy i've heard so much about but haven't remembered to apply. i usually just resort to the usual suspects as far as over the counter pain relief, but i went out on a limb. it was crazy! i nodded off for like a half hour at most, and i could suddenly walk when i woke up! it was insane! no limping, nothing! god, what was that shit called... uhhh... oh yeah... ICE. i feel like such a moron. AS = problem with inflammation. inflammation = ice to make it go away. can i get a hurr? possibly a durr? so i've been missing my daily workout for almost a week because i forgot to apply ice to my inflamed knees. IQ of 168? yeah, i'm thinking the tests were wrong...


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