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so i've had some things on my mind. some issues were brought to my attention over the past few months, slowly cumulating into an annoying goiter on my mind that i'm going to lance, then forget about.

myspace, ah yes, the place for friends. or the place for voyeuristic fucking social-leach housewives with nothing better to do. same goes for livejournal. no lives of their own to lead so they try to suck the marrow out of others from afar. cute. quickly tossing under the microscope any mistake or misstep i take or have taken like i give a fuck (well apparently i do for the purpose of this entry) and spreading it amongst the flock like a fucking weasel with AIDS. and i'm the one who never got past high school?

okay, i've made mistakes. okay, i've made a LOT of mistakes. okay, most of my life has been mistakes, but i've never once claimed to be righteous, i've never once claimed to be better than anyone. fuck, most of my mistakes are flapping across america in various magazines or websites as have been pointed out by my many "fans" who are so quick to scrutinize my pussy at any moment it's flashed. obsess much? maybe i should start selling passes? no wait, i'm out of that business now and i've moved on.

"WHAT? MOVED ON?! PEOPLE DO THAT?!" you might ask. well you see, to my understanding life works a little like this: you wake up, you live, you fuck up, you fall down, you get back up, dust off, probably fuck up again, try to hide how red your face is and continue the process until you get it right, if you ever do. yes, friends and voyeurs, perhaps we never do get it right.

right now though i'm feeling pretty good about the track i'm on. no drugs, very little alcohol, i don't even smoke for god's sake. i go to class, i go to work. i lay in the same bed with the same person and have for the past three years, i love my family and do my homework. yes world, i'm finally normal.

so if the rest of you assholes who happen by here to poke about looking for a shitstorm to stir about want to find out what's really been going on with me when your not too busy trying to figure out who's fetus is who's - do me a favor and come strait to me and stop spreading it around to everyone who talks to those who talk to me. my IM name hasn't changed since high school - it's still SLLMSPOOKY - my email is venusblue@razorblade-bubblegum.com. you will not get my phone number. ever. that's for people who actually matter.

and to those of you that want to continue to play around in this bullshit? well i only have one last immature gesture for you before i pour myself a nice stiff drink and sit down to my writing homework >:) )


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